Tuesday, August 28, 2007

world sauntering day

Put on some comfy shoes and get ready to go nowhere in particular because August 28th is World Sauntering Day. The observation goes all the way back to the mid-70s, when publicist W.T.Rabe (known also as the father of LSSU's world stone-skipping tournament) decided it was time for people to slow down, smell the roses and take a long leisurely look at the world around them.

So get on down (but don't hurry!) to the boulevard, the boardwalk, the plaza, the esplanade... Banish all thoughts of destinations from your mind. And if you're on the Camino, don't race to that next refuge. Let it come to you.

To learn more about the history of World Sauntering Day, and the rules and principles of sauntering, listen here. Now I'm going out for a saunter. Hope to see you.

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