Friday, August 3, 2007

spice pilgrim located

I thought I'd put up this picture of myself that I received today from the University of Toronto homecoming weekend booksale just to show how civilized I look when not walking across Spain with that grizzly "Outback Bob" beard.
I took home most of the books you see here at the end of the day (everyone in Toronto had somewhere else to go that weekend), but it was fun to meet and talk to other authors, including a face from the past, my former high school librarian. You never know who's going to publish a book next.
And speaking of faces from the past, I broke down the other night and joined Facebook, just to see if there are any Camino networks out there. There are several, most of them based in Britain, but including one small Canadian group.
I didn't get too deeply into them, however, because it occurred to me that some of my long-lost Camino companions might be Facebookers. I started punching in names and, sure enough, I had soon found Spice Pilgrim Kara, whom I haven't been in touch with for three years. I whipped off a quick message, threw it into cyberspace like a paper airplane... and she opened it a few hours later in an Internet cafe in India.
Her Camino took her from Barcelona (where she worked for two years) all the way to India and Nepal, where she's been hanging out for six months. Ah, the traveller's life. She and Nuala parted somewhere along the way, but it's not permanent. I'm sure they'll be back together someday for Further Adventures.

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